AC WORKS® Library — 30 Amp RV Cord

AC WORKS® Wisdom: RV Kits - Power Your RV Under Any Circumstance

Posted by Christopher Hahn on

As we have discussed before, RVs typically come in two different amperage ratings: 30 Amps and 50 Amps. It is pretty easy to identify which is which. But, it may not be as easy to identify the power source you will be using. Campgrounds, parks, power at home, or available generators might all have different connections. A campground’s website may not be able to tell you the connections available or a park may not even have a power source, forcing you to borrow a neighbor’s generator that you are unfamiliar with. You may also want to power very select appliances...

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Download: RV, Marine, and Food Truck Product Sheet

Posted by Stephanie Junek on

AC WORKS™ RV, Marine Shore, and Food Truck Product Sell Sheet contain compact adapters, flexible adapters, and cord sets to get you power.  You can get power by using many different outlets including regular household outlets, Generator, RV Power, Dock Power and more.

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