AC Connectors is a U.S. based company founded in 2015. We built up a reputation becoming one of the best competitors in the power connections market.

AC Connectors offers customers over 600 AC WORKS® brand products designed to help meet their needs. We offer specialized Marine Shore, RV/Camping, Trailer, Generator, Hospital Grade, and IT/CPU server quality cords and adapters. Some of the products we offer online include:

  • Power Distribution
  • Power Connector Products.
  • Inlets, Outlets, Sockets, Assembly parts, and Switches.
  • Adapters Solutions.
  • Electrical Vehicle (EV) Charging Connections.
  • Industrial Power Connector Solutions.
  • Commercial Power Connector Solutions. 
  • Special Order for New Tooling Products. 

AC Connectors carries several AC WORKS® brand products that improve customer' home or work lives by providing durable products that safely and conveniently power all applications.

Our products are durable with the safety of the customer in mind. We offer more unique services and products that include:

  • Customized Power Connection Products.
  • OEM/ODM Special Orders.
  • Manufacturer Outsourced Sales Reps.

We carry specialized products such as Electrical Vehicle (EV) charging system cords, not yet standardized. EV owners have access to different types of adapter cords meant to fit their current power source. 

AC Connectors isn't just about quality AC WORKS® products but also quality customer service. With seven days per week of contact by phone, e-mail, text, and chat, we're sure to take care of our customers' needs. As a privately owned business, we have the advantage of more personal customer service and are available 24/7.

Our company also believes in green practices. One of our major practices is recycling as many by-products of our business as possible. We also encourage employees to participate in these practices. We also reuse many of our by-products for packaging and shipping; boxes, pallets, leftover pieces of bulk wire, and whatever we can to better serve the environment.

AC WORKS® brand products are competitively priced, we offer same-day and expedited shipping during business hours, and you choose the service that will work best for you. (Same-day shipping is subject to placing an order before 3 PM Central Standard Time and any delays the carrier might be having.) In addition to these things, we have no minimum order and no handling fees.

Introducing Our Expert Management Team

Tony Chen

Tony Chen | AC Connectors AC WORKS®

Tony Chen is Cordtec Power Corporation's Sales Engineer Manager and the Owner of the company. With over ten years of experience, he conceptualizes ideas for new products based on current market trends.

Christopher Hahn

Christopher Hahn | AC Connectors AC WORKS®

Christopher Hahn is Cordtec Power Corporation’s Operations and Video Manager. He works closely with Tony to perfect the concept for new products and ensures optimal performance by visualizing usage for every product.

Stephanie Junek

Stephanie Junek | AC Connectors AC WORKS®

Stephanie Junek is Cordtec Power Corporation’s Marketing Manager. She cultivates a trusted reputation, helps us to differentiate our products and services from the competition, and provides customers with a lasting experience.


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