Customs Duty Tax Charges


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship anywhere worldwide.

What is duty?

Duty is a type of tax that is levied upon goods imported from another country. It is also levied upon goods manufactured within the country such as excise duty. The word duty is mostly used in respect of goods such as custom duty, import duty, excise duty and so forth. Duty is levied only on goods and not on individuals. The most common example of duty is custom duty which is an indirect tax levied upon goods that are purchased from foreign countries and the buyer must pay tax on them when they enter the country. **

Almost all shipments crossing international borders are subject to the assessment of duties and taxes imposed by the importing country’s government.  The reason for these duties and taxes are to generate revenue and protect local industries. 

Will I pay duty on an international order?

Yes, duty is charged by your government when you order something from outside of your country, not by our company.  There is no way to avoid this charge.  Payment of duties and taxes are the buyers’ responsibility.   

Will the duty tax be included in the purchase price of my item?

The price of purchasing our products does not include any duty tax that may be incurred if you live outside of the United States. 

What is the shipping charge for international packages?

For any international package, if you have a question about shipping charges, you can contact our customer service department.  You will need to provide your shipping address and we will be able to better help you figure out what your shipping charges will be or you can provide us your own shipping account. 

What is the duty tax amount for my shipment?

How dutiable shipments are calculated based on many aspects that we have no control over.  We are unable to know the duty tax fee that will be incurred when your package goes through customs.  We can tell you most countries use a CIF (Cost, Insurance, Freight) method to calculate duty charges.  Customs officials also use a shipments’ declared value when figuring duty tax.   

How are Duties Calculated?

How dutiable shipments are calculated depends on the assessable value of the shipment.  Dutiable goods are given a classification code, known as the Harmonized System Code.  The System has been assigned by the World Customs Organization and is always changing. 

Why don’t you pay the duty tax?

We have already paid a duty tax on any of the goods we have imported.  Everyone who receives a goods that may not originate in the country you reside are subject to customs duty, tariff or tax.