AC WORKS® Library — 30 amp rv kit

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Posted by Stephanie Junek on


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Powering Your RV with AC WORKS® 30 Amp RV Kit

Posted by Christopher Hahn on

With spring and the Milwaukee RV show approaching, we wanted to take the time and share with you the benefits of one of our RV adapter kits. There are usually RVs with two different amperage ratings: 30 Amps and 50 Amps. Normally, it is easy to identify which is which, but it may be difficult to identify the power source you will need to use on your camping trip. Today we will focus on a 30 Amp RV. 30 Amp RVs typically come equipped with a NEMA TT-30 plug. For the owners of 30 Amp RVs, we offer RV30AKIT1. This...

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