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AC WORKS® Wisdom: Most Common Generator Outlets

Posted by Christopher Hahn on

There are many different types of generators for many different purposes. The most common generator being used by our customers is a portable generator. Our customers use this type of generator for food trucks, RVs, and emergency power. After going out to local stores to see what is on the market, we discovered there are 4 most common outlets: A NEMA 5-15 or NEMA 5-20 for household plugs, a NEMA L5-30 for 30 Amp service at 120 Volts, and a NEMA L14-30 for 30 amp service at 120/240 Volts. Another outlet gaining popularity for campers is the NEMA TT-30. Watch...

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Download: Compact Adapter Product Sheet

Posted by Stephanie Junek on

AC WORKS® Brand Compact Adapters The orange compact adapters come in a variety of powerful options.  We have Residential, Generator, RV, Marine, Transfer Switch and Industrial adapters to choose from. RESIDENTIAL  Male Side Female Side 5-15P 5-20R 5-15P L5-20R 5-20P L5-20R 5-15P L5-30R   GENERATOR Male Side Female Side L5-20P L5-30R L5-30P 5-20R L14-30P 5-20R L14-30P L14-20R   RV  Male Side Female Side  5-15P L5-30R TT-30P 14-50R TT-30P SS2-50R 14-50P TT-30R   MARINE Male Side Female Side 5-15P L5-30R L14-30P L5-30R L14-30P SS2-50R 14-50P SS2-50R   TRANSFER SWITCH Male Side Female Side 5-15P L14-20R TT-30P L14-30R L5-30P L14-30R   L14-20P...

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