AC WORKS® Library — American Wire Gauge


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For all of our power cords for sale, you will see a number followed by the letters “AWG.” You’re probably wondering, what does this mean?AWG stands for The American Wire Gauge. This is a standard wire gauge system based in the United States, while Canada uses the International Standard. It is a standard specification for the diameters of wires used in power cords.We offer a handy chart to help you pick out the correct gauge wire for your projects. This can be found on our website.Please check out our website to read informative blogs about similar topics, and to see...

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Download: AWG Chart

Posted by Stephanie Junek on

 AWG CURRENT 2 95 3 85 4 70 6 55 8 40 10 30 12 20 14 15 16 13 18 10   DOWNLOAD THE CHART HERE

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