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AC WORKS™ Wisdom: Food Truck Connections

Posted by Christopher Hahn on

Food trucks are gaining popularity fast. You see them at festivals, company gatherings, concerts, and even food truck rallies. Just about everything being operated in a food truck requires electricity. To maintain power, you’ll most likely need a generator to connect to a small breaker box inside the food truck. Much like an RV, these food trucks come equipped with a 50 Amp power cord. Food truck owners will most likely have to adapt from their generator to their power system power cord to maintain power. The AC WORKS™ brand RV/Generators can pull double duty and work with your food...

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Download: RV, Marine, and Food Truck Product Sheet

Posted by Stephanie Junek on

AC WORKS™ RV, Marine Shore, and Food Truck Product Sell Sheet contain compact adapters, flexible adapters, and cord sets to get you power.  You can get power by using many different outlets including regular household outlets, Generator, RV Power, Dock Power and more.

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