AC WORKS® Library — L21-20

User Manual: 20 or 30 Ampere Locking Plugs and Connectors

Posted by Stephanie Junek on

1. CABLE: Provide a cable of applicable ampacity, service and temperature rating suitable for the conditions of use and location. The plugs and connectors are designed for use with 3, 4 or 5 conductor cables with a diameter from .375’’ to 1.56” (12/3 SJ through 8/5 S). 2. CORD CLAMP PREP: Gray colored cord clamp inserts preinstalled for use with .550” to .875” cable diameter. If you need other sizes, please contact us. 3. CABLE PREP: Remove out jacket 2” and strip each individual conductor 5/8” as shown in Figure 1 Below. Make sure the wire is clean and bright...

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