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Download: Emergency Back-up Power Info Sheet

Posted by Stephanie Junek on

Power is a measure of the rate at which energy flows, in electrical systems, it is measured in Watts (W).  Generators have different maximum wattages.  Transfer Switches and Inlet systems allow you to provide power to your home during an outage with the flip of a switch, turning your power from the grid to your backup system.

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AC WORKS™ Wisdom: How to Pick Your Emergency Power System

Posted by Christopher Hahn on

When preparing your home for the possibility of a power outage there may be a lot of important questions that come to mind: Should I get a transfer switch installed? What configuration should I get for my inlet box? How many watts should I go for? What is absolutely necessary to power in my house until the power lines are restored? Which outlets on a generator should I look for? What wattage should my generator be?In this video, we will answer all of these questions. We help you decide which generator connections and inlet connections you need, as well as...

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