Do you have an outlet and you are unsure which adapter or product you need to get power to your machine or device?  We can help.  Check the outlets listed below to see their matching products and what you can use them for.  

If you cannot find a match to what you are looking for, text a picture of the outlet to our customer service department and they will help you figure out a solution.  


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Straight Blade Outlet Solutions NEMA 5-15R Outlet Solutions
6-15R Outlet 5-20R Receptacle outlet
NEMA 6-20R 6-30R Receptacle outlet
10-30R Receptacle outlet 14-30R Receptacle outlet
6-50R Receptacle outlet 10-50R Receptacle/Outlet
14-50R Receptacle outlet 
TT-30R Outlet Solutions
Locking Outlet Solutions
NEMA L5-15R Outlet Solutions by AC WORKS™ NEMA L5-20R outlet solutions by AC WORKS™ brand adapters
NEMA L5-30R outlet solutions by AC WORKS™ NEMA L6-20R Outlet Solutions
NEMA L6-30R Outlet Solutions by AC WORKS™
L7-30 Outlet Solutions
L14-20 Outlet Solutions
L14-30 Outlet Solutions
L15-20 Outlet Solutions
L15-30R Outlet
L21-30R Outlet Solutions