L15-20R Outlet Solutions

AC WORKS® Brand Solutions for your L15-20R Outlet 




WDL1520650-018 Common Uses:
WDL1520650-018 AC WORKS® brand flexible welder adapter
  • Welders
  • High Power Industrial Equipment
L1520620-012 Common Uses:
L1520620-012 AC WORKS® brand flexible HVAC adapter
  • 20 Amp 250 Volt HVAC
  • Power Tools
  • Table Saws
EVL1520MS-018 Common Uses:
EVL1520MS-018 AC WORKS® brand electric vehicle charging adapter
  • Level Two EV Charging 
L1520L620-012 Common Uses:
L15201L620-012 AC WORKS® brand industrial and construction adapter
  • High Power Industrial Equipment
  • Construction Tools 
L1520PR Common Uses:
L1520PR AC WORKS® brand extension cord
  • Generator Extension Cord
  • Industrial High Power Extension Cord
  • Heavy-Duty Power Tool Extension Cord
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