AC WORKS® Library — NEMA L14-20

Download: Generator Product Sheet

Posted by Stephanie Junek on

AC WORKS® Generator Product Sell Sheet contains compact adapters of all types, flexible adapters, and extension cords to get power to and from just about any combination of items.  You can power many different things including your RV, Food Truck, EV, Power Tools, HVAC, Welder, many household items and more. 

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AC WORKS® Wisdom: Differences Between L1420 and L1430

Posted by Christopher Hahn on

Often, generators will have a locking style 4-prong outlet. The two different types get confused quite often. These are NEMA L14-20 and NEMA L14-30. There are a few differences in both appearance and technical performance. In this video, we will cover it all!Please check out our website to read informative blogs about similar topics, and to see our various adapters and cords for your power solution needs. Check us out on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Give us a like and subscribe to our youtube channel to see more videos just like this one. Shoot us an email if there is...

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