AC WORKS® Library — NEMA L14-20R

Download: Generator Product Sheet

Posted by Stephanie Junek on

AC WORKS™ Generator Product Sell Sheet contains compact adapters of all types, flexible adapters, and extension cords to get power to and from just about any combination of items.  You can power many different things including your RV, Food Truck, EV, Power Tools, HVAC, Welder, many household items and more. 

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AC WORKS™ Wisdom: Generator Connections

Posted by Christopher Hahn on

Depending on the size, brand, and its purpose, generators can have many different combinations of connectors. A pretty standard generator that can be used for many different purposes has 3 different connections: a NEMA L14-30R female connector, a NEMA TT-30R female connector, and a NEMA 5-20R female connector. The other common connections you may see on a generator are NEMA L14-20R and NEMA L5-30R. There will be different connections depending on the power it can put out and the standard the manufacturer built it with. This video will go over the possibilities of what each of these connectors can be...

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