AC WORKS® Library — Wattage

Download: Emergency Back-up Power Info Sheet

Posted by Stephanie Junek on

Power is a measure of the rate at which energy flows, in electrical systems, it is measured in Watts (W).  Generators have different maximum wattages.  Transfer Switches and Inlet systems allow you to provide power to your home during an outage with the flip of a switch, turning your power from the grid to your backup system.

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AC WORKS® Wisdom: Outlet & Adapter Max Wattage

Posted by Christopher Hahn on

Last week, we talked about maximum wattage for generator usage and how that plays into the outlets built in ( This week, we will talk about another common concern our customers have: the maximum wattage of certain outlets and our adapters. If the power source side of the adapter is less than the female side of the adapter, then the maximum operational wattage will be the same as the power source because that is what it can provide. The maximum wattage of the adapter is printed on the adapter itself, or on a tag attached.If you have any further questions,...

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