AC WORKS® [GEKIT01] Gatherings and Events Power Distribution Kit

This AC WORKS® brand Gatherings and Events Power Distribution (PDU) Kit [GEKIT01] includes 5 of our indoor/outdoor products allowing you to find solutions from all high power residential and generator sources.  This kit is great for fairs, festivals, conventions, weddings, home improvement, and contractors.



This kit has the length you need to get power throughout your event and connect all the appliances you need.  No more tripping breakers or shortage of available outlets.  You gain multiple outlets for your extension cords and appliances to use. No conflict with others because they are on their own circuit and power source.   Our adapters are super durable and strong.  They won't break if you drop them and they are easy to carry.   Included with our purchase is a 5-year limited warranty

The GEKIT01 is a kit that can be personalized and bundled to your specific need.  


We start with the base kit GEKIT01 containing the following items:

  1. S10301430-018, 3-Prong Dryer Wall Outlet to a 4-Prong Dryer Outlet
  2. AD1430L1430, 4-Prong Dryer Wall Outlet to 4-Prong Locking Adapter
  3. AD1450L1430, 4-Prong Range/Generator Outlet to 4-Prong Locking Adapter
  4. SS2L1430-018, SS2-50P/CS6365 Plug to L14-30 4-Prong Locking Adapter
  5. PD4GF-010, 10FT L14-30 Chainable PDU Extension Cord with GFCI Outlets


You can then pick and choose the optional add on items to create the kit that works for your job, home, project, event, and more. The more you add, the more you save.  


The following add on items are available in addition to the base kit: 

  1. S520PR in various lengths
  2. L1430PR in various lengths
  3. S515PR-120QL
  4. ADV104
  5. PSROT-072
  6. L1430F520 in various lengths


We have multiple tiers of savings for you, depending on the total amount of your shopping cart.  


Tier One: Spend $299, get 5% off 

Tier Two: Spend $399, get 5% off and FREE ground shipping

Tier Three: Spend $499, get 10% off and FREE ground shipping

Tier Four: Spend $599, get 15% off and FREE ground Shipping