AC WORKS® [RV50AKIT1] 50A RV Power Kits from a Generator of L5-20, L5-30, TT-30 L14-20, and L14-30

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You are the proud owner of a 50 Amp RV, Camper or trailer.  You have done your research, prepared for safety, weather and anything else that will come your way during a road trip.  You have a plan for how to power your RV when you arrive at your destination and now you are all ready to go.

Imagine your plan for electricity is coming from the campgrounds power source.  Your spouse reserved the site and did not mention it contains a 30 Amp power source.  When you arrive at the campground the power source on your site is not compatible with your RV, Camper or Trailer because you own a 50 Amp vehicle.   

Lucky for you, you remembered to bring the generator, right?  Seriously, you forgot your generator?  The kids decided they wanted to bring their skateboards, at the last minute.  You turned around to grab those and forgot the generator on the floor in the garage.  What if your generator is damaged, and you must purchase a new one.  Maybe you are using a friends’ generator to run your RV for this weekends fishing trip. 

It would be a good idea to keep the AC WORKS® brand RV Generator Solution Kit on hand.  In the event your planned power source is not available to you, you will not be found without power.  

This is the complete power solution for your 50 Amp RV camper.  This power kit includes the adapters necessary to plug into any generator type and a 30 Amp power source at your campsite.  Included with your purchase is a 5-year limited warranty. 

All the adapters provide a solution for connecting your 50 Amp RV, Camper, Trailer, and Fifth-Wheel NEMA 14-50P male plug to any power source.


  • NEMA L5-20R, 20 Amp, 125 Volt 3-Prong Locking Outlet
  • NEMA L5-30R, 30 Amp, 125 Volt 3-Prong Locking Outlet
  • NEMA TT-30R, 30 Amp, 125 Volt, RV Straight-Blade Outlet
  • NEMA L14-20R, 20 Amp, 125/250 Volt 4-Prong Locking Outlet
  • NEMA L14-30R, 30 Amp, 125/250 Volt 4-Prong Locking Outlet

Common Uses

  • Travel Trailer
  • RV Power
  • Generator Power 
  • Fifth Wheel


AC WORKS® Brand Limited Warranty