AC WORKS® brand Limited Warranty

AC WORKS® brand products, excluding DIY products, are protected by a 5-year limited warranty.  The DIY products are protected by a 1-year limited warranty.  This limited warranty covers defects in product material, craftsmanship, and performance that occur under normal use of the product.   

This limited warranty does not cover any damage or malfunction directly or indirectly caused by, or due to, or resulting from, normal wear or deterioration, abuse, misuse, negligence, accident, lack of or improper use, maintenance, storage or transport including, but not limited to the following: Failure to follow instructions and user manuals, maintenance and warnings published with the documentation supplied with your AC WORKS® brand products, External factors, including but not limited to, objects striking the AC WORKS® brand products, faulty or damaged electrical wiring, junction boxes, circuit breakers, receptacles, water, lightning and other environmental conditions; General appearance or damage to paint, including chips, scratches, dents and cracks; Failure to contact AC Connectors upon discovery of a defect covered by this limited warranty; Any repair, alteration or modification to the AC WORKS® brand product or any part of it, or the installation or use of any parts or accessories, made by a person or facility not authorized or certified to do so; and use for commercial purposes.

AC Connectors hereby disclaims any and all indirect, incidental, special, and consequential damages arising out of or relating to, the AC WORKS® brand products, including, but not limited to, shipping to and from the AC Connectors warehouse, loss of the AC WORKS® brand product, loss of value, loss of time, loss of income, loss of use, loss of personal or commercial property, inconvenience or aggravation, emotional distress or harm, commercial loss (including but not limited to lost profits or earnings), repair charges, rental charges, service call charges, fuel expense, lodging expenses, damage to property, incidental charges such as telephone calls, facsimile transmissions, and mailing expenses. 


The limited warranty begins on the date of purchase and expires on that date one-year, for DIY products and five years later, for other AC WORKS® brand products covered by the limited warranty, depending on the length of your warranty.   

If you need warranty service or there is a problem with your AC WORKS® brand product, contact AC Connectors customer service line (414) 434-2220.  A customer service professional will consult with you on the issues you are having with your product to see what solution we can come up with.  If the product has failed, we will ask you to return the product to us.  We will evaluate the product and decide if it falls within our warranty guidelines. 

AC Connectors requires you to contact our company and provide written notification of any manufacturing defect within a reasonable time, and within the applicable coverage period specified in this limited warranty.  Allow AC Connectors an opportunity to make any necessary response and send you a return shipping label.  Please include the following information in your return package:

  • AC WORKS® brand product
  • AC Connectors invoice
  • Your name and contact information, including email
  • Name and Location of store purchased AC WORKS® brand product from
  • Description of the defect or malfunction

Please send a written notification to or

Attn: Limited Warranty Coverage
9811 South 13th Street
Oak Creek, WI. 53154


If your product features an LED power indicator light, the indicator light is not covered in the limited warranty. 

The LED power indicator light does not affect the function of the product.  If the LED power indicator light fails, that does not mean the product function has failed.  Please test your product before contacting us about a warranty issue.  (Warning! Don’t assume there is no power running through your product if the LED power indicator light fails.)


The consumer must ship the product back to our company to receive warranty coverage.  Please keep a copy of your tracking number because it is the only way you can keep track of your package and if it has arrived in our warehouse. 

The consumer must have a copy of the receipt or proof of purchase in the package when shipping the product back to us. 


The limited warranty is non-transferable.  (Example: RV sold with an adapter to someone else.  Warranty not transferred to the new owner.)

AC Connectors will deal with any problem.  If you are having an issue with any AC WORKS® brand product purchase from our site or any of our sales channels; Lowes, Amazon, eBay, Jet, or Home Depot; contact customer service and we will find the best solutions to solve your problem. 


AC WORKS® Limited Warranty at AC Connectors