Watch as our most frequently asked questions are explained by Chris in the video list below.  Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos.  

  1. Do you charge a restocking fee?

For non-defective returns, we charge a 15% restocking fee and shipping will not be refunded.  If your original purchase included free shipping, the shipping charge will be deducted from your refund.  Your refund will not be processed until after we receive and inspect your product return.

For product exchange, no restocking fee will be charged. 

  1. What do I need to include in my return package?

When packaging your product for a return, remember to include your packing slip and the Return Slip (RMA) provided by our sales engineer during your return request. 

Remember to always keep your tracking number so we have a reference that your package arrived safely in our facility. 

  1. What should I look for to find the correct power connection?

If you are looking at a plug, locate the numbers or NEMA term on the base of the plug to help figure out what you need to connect to it.  Then look at the outlet or power source to find the NEMA term you are trying to power from. 

You may have read a NEMA configuration or code on an adapter that includes a P or an R after a set of numbers and letters (Example: ASL1420R).  NEMA codes are the standard industry electrical connection language used in the U.S.  Some people get confused by the P and the R or by the relationship between the two of them.

Read more about this topic in our blog post: Relationship Between the Plug and Receptacle (P and R).  

  1. Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship anywhere worldwide.  If you are located in Canada, you can order from for local Canadian shipping and order pick up. 

  1. Will I pay duty tax on an international order?

Yes, duty tax is charged by your government when you order something outside of your country, not by our company.  There is no way to avoid this charge.  If located in Canada, you can order from for local Canadian shipping and order pick up. 

  1. What is the shipping charge for international packages?

For any international package, if you have questions about shipping costs, contact our customer service department.  You will need to provide your shipping address so we can better help you with shipping charges.  

  1. What is your shipping window?

Our shipping window will depend on where you purchased our products and how long it takes your payment to post.  Amazon, Home Depot, Lowes, eBay, and Newegg are some of our other sales channels.  These sales channels will not release an order for us to ship until payment clears.  Once your payment clears and we receive your order, it will be shipped out of our warehouse within 24 business hours.   

Our warehouse is closed on weekends and major holidays.  We only ship on business days.  For orders received prior to 3 pm on any business day, with ground shipping, your order will ship out within 24 hours. 

Expedited orders received before 3 pm, on any business day, your order will be shipped on the same day. 

For orders requiring next-day or 2nd-day day shipping and received prior to 5 pm on business days, your order will ship out the same day. 

The exception to our shipping turnaround times are situations beyond our control.  Including extreme weather, holidays, or any reason our shipping companies fall behind schedule. 

  1. What is the best way to get customer service?

There are multiple ways to reach our customer service department.  We accept e-mail, phone, and text messaging 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.  We also have chat available on both websites and

If you are unsure about what to order you can send us supporting images so we can help you the best we can, without being there with you.  Text us your images and we will help you find a solution. 


Text: 414-323-3240

Phone: 414-434-2220

  1. Why Choose AC Connectors?

ACWORKS® brand products are quality durable products that you can rely on to create a solution to your power needs.  Providing solutions to our customers is our number one priority.  With our 24/7 customer service including Email, phone, text, chat, and social media, there is no reason you cannot reach us with your questions.  Our company offers a quick turnaround time for shipping your orders and FREE consultations.  Before you purchase a product, contact our customer service department and we will make sure you have the correct solution.  Saving you from returning products and/or slowing your power connection solution. 

  1. How can I get a better deal?

AC WORKS® brand products are sold on other sales channels including Amazon, eBay, Home Depot, Newegg, Lowes, and in Canada.  Each channel will run its own sales and promotions at any time.  You may be able to find a different deal by searching AC WORKS® and the part number on the other sales channels and comparing pricing.  If you have a bulk inquiry, please reach out to

  1. Where can I find a product overview?

AC Connectors has created 360-degree overview videos of our products, as well as a multitude of other product videos for you to see and better understand the product you are purchasing.  You will find these videos in multiple locations including YouTube, Product Blogs, and our Video Library.  You will also find product videos linked within the product descriptions on the website.  

You can view and share our videos, as well as subscribe to our YouTube channel.  We recommend you subscribe since you never know what products will be released, contests and giveaways will be had or when the next product overview video is shared.  You might even find a topic you inquired about turned into a video. 

  1. Where can I find your products in action?

Our products can be found on YouTube with product reviews and other How To and Instructional videos explaining what each product is used for as well as safety tips.  You will also find us at HIMSS Conference in Orlando and Las Vegas, and the EWPTE show in Milwaukee, WI.  During these shows, we have live product demos, and you can see our products in action. 

  1. Where can I find or leave reviews of your products?

You can find and leave reviews of our products on every sales channel they are available for purchase as well as Google, Facebook, and via email to our customer service department.  We would appreciate you contacting customer service if you are thinking about leaving a negative review because we would like the opportunity to resolve the issue for you if we can.  Our customer service department will do the very best we can to provide a solution to any problem you may have in purchasing, using, or returning our products. 

  1. How do I suggest a topic for you to discuss on your blog, YouTube, or social media platforms?

    Whether you are a new or returning customer to our blog, YouTube, or social media platforms, we want to talk about the topics you want to read about.  We cannot provide the best customer service if we don’t know the questions you have.  You can ask questions about our products, services, and marketing. 

    If you have a question about the blog post you read or a question that will elaborate on a new topic or previous post, please leave your questions in the comments under the blog, video, or post and we will resolve them. 

    If you have a topic you want to see us address, leave your topics in our Marketing Manager, Stephanie’s email and she will get back to you as soon as possible about when we will address this topic, or if we already have, how you can find it.  If you have any video inquiries, please reach out to Chris about your ideas.

    15. What if I am having trouble with the checkout process?

    Please see the checkout process in detail listed in our blog post. If you have any questions after following those directions you can call us to place your order.