How to Use a Manual Transfer Switch System for your Home

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When you live in an area where it is common to have strong storms blow through and knock out your power regularly, you may want to consider installing a Transfer Switch, Emergency Power System.  You can use this system to hardwire your generator, allowing it to back up the power in your home, when there is an outage.   

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The first thing you need to know is how the Transfer Switch system works.  The system allows you to run an extension cord from your generator to an inlet box.  The inlet box is connected to a transfer switch system.  This allows you to switch power source to your generator during a power outage.  

SAFETY TIP: We highly recommend you have a certified electrician install your Transfer Switch Emergency Power System and consult both the manual and safety guidelines before the first use

The transfer switch system, if installed by a professional certified electrician, should have a feature to turn off the line power when the generator is connected, protecting your generator and home from overload. 

WARNING: Please make sure only one power source is connected to your transfer switch system at a time, we don’t want you to blow out your generator.  

When the power goes out you will need to manually switch the power from your line power to your generator.  The generator will need to be connected to your transfer switch system via a generator cord.  When connected turn the generator on and let it warm up. 

I know I have said this before, but in the event, a new reader is here with us, I want to remind you to never start or run a generator in your home.  Leave it at least a safe 10 feet from the house allowing the exhaust to blow away from you and your house. 

Now that the generator is warmed up you can manually transfer power from line to generator power.  Turn the circuits you want to power back on one by one, make sure you are not overloading your generator. 

Trasfer Switch Product Downloads by AC WORKS

Once your power has been restored you can turn the main breakers back to line power from generator power and turn off your generator. 

If you have any questions about how to use a Transfer Switch Emergency Power system, please contact our customer service department and we will be able to help or refer to your certified electrician to help install it properly. 

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  • Hello Ray. Yes, you turn off your home’s main power switch first before operating a generator. Normally, you can call your power provider to find out which areas have service again. They should also be able to show on their website, which you could access with a smartphone.

    Christopher on
  • Do I shut off the house electric main switch when running the protran/ Honda generator system? How do I know when the street electricity comes back on?

    Ray on

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