AC WORKS [EVL1420MS-018] Generator to EV/RV Adapter 20Amp 125/250Volt L14-20P 4Prong Locking Plug to To 50Amp 14-50R

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20A 125/250V NEMA L14-20P 4 Prong Generator Locking Plug EV Charging Adapter Cord for Tesla Model S Male Plug: 20A 125/250V Locking 4 Prong Plug. Female Connector: 50A 125/250V Female Connector Cable: STW 10/4 Heavy Duty 600V Jacket Configuration: NEMA L14-20P to NEMA 14-50R(Tesla) Adapter Cord

  • EV Charging Adapter
  • Electric Vehicle Adapter for Tesla
  • NEMA L14-20P 20Amp 125/250Volt 4Prong Locking Plug
  • NEMA 14-50R Tesla style connection
  • Tesla Model S and Model X