AC WORKS® [50ARCV] 50A 4-Prong Locking Plug/Connector Weather Boot With Ring

  • $9.59 USD
  • Save $3.40 USD


This boot helps weatherproof a 4-prong, 50 amp, locking plug or connector, preventing water and other debris from interrupting your connection.

Common Uses

This back boot cover ONLY works with the products we carry below. For others, please send us images of your item so we can verify it for you.

  1. AS-SS250R NEMA SS2-50R Female Connector
  2. CS6364 Female Connector
  3. CS6365 Male Plug
  4. CS8164 Female Connector
  5. CS8165 Male Plug
  6. CS8264 Female Connector
  7. CS8265 Male Plug
  8. CS8364 Female Connector
  9. CS8365 Male Plug