AC WORKS™ [WS-045-05WG] PDU Power Strip IEC C14 Inlet to (5) IEC C13 (Sheet F) with Grounding

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This AC WORKS™ brand IT/ Server Power Strip [WS-045-0-4WG] is a heavy-duty quality product. It is an IEC IT/ Server/ PDU Power Strip. It has 7.5-inch Housing IEC C14 Power input Inlet to (5) IEC C13 Sheet F outlets with a grounding wire. It is commonly used in IT/ Server for power distribution units. This product is backed by a 5-year limited warranty. 

  • IEC C14 Inlet for Power Input
  • CPU IT/ Server/ PDU Power Strip
  • (5) IEC C13 sheet F Outlets with Grounding Wire
  • IEC Power Strip
  • Kiosks Power Strip
  • IT/ Server/ Data Cart Power strip