AC WORKS® [HGKIT01] Home and Garden Heavy-duty Extension Cord with Multi-Outlets

  • $139.99 USD
  • Save $50 USD

This AC WORKS® brand Home and Garden Kit [HGKIT01] includes 5 of our indoor/outdoor products allowing you to find solutions in all home and garden situations.  This kit will be great for use in the garage, garden, and outdoor kitchen, while also providing solutions for power needs in your office, kitchen, or basement. 


This kit has the length you need to get power throughout your yard, with the security of also keeping your plugs connected during usage.  No more walking back and forth to plug your cords back in when you have gone too far.  You can also create multiple outlets out of your extension cord as needed.  Our adapters are small but strong.  They won't break if you drop them and they are easy to carry.   Included with our purchase is a 5-year limited warranty. 

The following items are included in the kits great low price:

  • XH515520 15 Amp Household to 20 Amp T-Blade Adapter
  • ADV104 V-DUO One to Two Outlets Adapter
  • S515PR-120AL 10FT 16/3 13 Amp Extension Cord with a Power Indicator Light and Locking Feature
  • S515B515-060 5FT 12/3 20 Amp Heavy-Duty Tri-Outlet Extension Cord
  • S520PR-050 50FT NEMA 5-20 12/3 20 Amp Extension Cord

Common Uses

  • Airport or Business Travel
  • Student Dorm or Library
  • Computer Lab 
  • Hotel Desk Outlet

This kit has many uses for your home, business, yard, and garden needs.  Leave a review letting us know how you are using the items in your Home and Garden Kit. 


AC WORKS® Brand Limited Warranty