AC WORKS® [SS2CBF520] 1.5FT SS2-50P/ CS6365 Locking Plug to (4) Household Outlets with 20A Breaker

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This AC WORKS® brand protective power strip cord [SS2CBF520] is very durable.  The cord is 1.5-feet in length and is a NEMA SS2-50P/ CS6365 to four NEMA 5-15/20R outlets.  The NEMA SS2-50P is a 50 Amp, 125/250 Volt locking plug.  The NEMA 5-15/20R is a 20 Amp, 125 Volt, T-blade household female connector.  The power source for these adapters is a 50 Amp outlet.  The concern about this by many of our customers is that the outlet will carry too much power to their equipment causing it to burn out.  The solution we came up with is the addition of the 20 Amp breaker.  The breaker helps to reduce people's concerns about a power overload to their equipment by only allowing the necessary 20 Amps of power through the adapter.  The cable is an STW, 10/4, 30 Amp copper wire with a 600 Volt anti-cold weather jacket that stays flexible in extreme temperatures. The cord is super durable and typically used with marine outlets, construction, and industrial equipment.  Included with your purchase is a 5-year limited warranty.


  • NEMA SS2-50P/ CS6365 to Four NEMA 5-15/20R with 20 Amp Circuit Breaker
  • NEMA SS2-50P, 50 Amp, 125/250 Volt Locking Male Plug
  • Four NEMA 5-15/20R, 20 Amp, 125 Volt, Household T-blade Female Connectors
  • Anti-cold Weather, Stays Flexible in Extreme Temperatures
  • 5-year Limited Warranty

Common Uses

  • Power Distribution


AC WORKS® Brand Limited Warranty