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We have been talking a lot lately about emergency power systems.  Offering advice about how to plan and set-up your backup system.  After some research, you find it difficult to get everything you need for a complete power system, in one place. 

AC WORKS® brands now have two emergency power kits to help get power into your home in an emergency.  We offer kits that will attach to many different backup generator options.  There is not a portable generator on the market these kits cannot connect to. 

Why will you need to connect to multiple generators?  You won’t, however, if you do have multiple generators you can use this kit to connect to any of them.  If your power does not go out often you may not own a generator.  What if you need to rent a generator from the hardware store?  It is possible you may have to borrow one from a relative or share with your neighbor.  

Whatever your reason is we can help you connect your generator’s power to our kit provided Inlet Box inputs.  These inlet boxes can be mounted in a convenient location on the exterior of your home and then follow the instructions provided to you with your inlet box, like this L14-30 Inlet Box User Guide here

If you have been following our blog posts, you know you will already have your backup plan in place, knowing the amount of power needed to power your necessary household items during an outage. 

Inlet Box Input

Once you have your inlet box properly installed connect the adapter you need from our kit to the included extension cord.  The cord and adapter can then be inserted into the generator outlet matching the adapter you chose. 

SAFETY TIP: Don’t forget to keep your generator at least 10 feet from your home, its windows, doors, and vents. 

Transfer Switch Setup with Generator

Find your home’s circuit breaker and turn off the main breaker so you have removed your home from the power grid.  You don’t want to accidentally try and power your home using grid power and your generator. If the power kicks back on this can cause damage to your generator and safety issues for your home. 

Once you have followed these steps it is safe to turn your generator on and start getting backup power into your household items and appliances. 

Now that you understand how to use the kits, let reveal them! 


  1. NEMA L14-20 Inlet Box
  2. NEMA L14-20 Extension Cord
  3. AD515L1420
  4. ADL530L1420
  5. ADTTL1420
  6. ADL1430L1420


  1. NEMA L14-30 Inlet box
  2. NEMA L14-30 Extension Cord
  3. AD515L1430
  4. ADL530L1430
  5. ADTTL1430
  6. ADL1420L1430

Remember if you have any questions, we offer FREE consultations and can provide you the answers to any question you have about how to use our kits.  We also recommend having a certified electrician install any transfer switch systems you set up in your home. 

Stephanie Junek is Cordtec Power Corporations Marketing and Brand Manager

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