Modern Gray for a Modern Age

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We are excited to announce we have recently completed the update of our EV adapters.  We have been updating the AC WORKS™ Brand EV products and have transformed our electric vehicle products into a sleek modern gray.  Gray is a timeless and sophisticated color that lacks the negativity of the color black, is neutral and balanced.  The phrase “gray matter” refers to smarts, intelligence, brains, and intellect.  The idea of driving an electric vehicle is smart, a smart balance for the environment and your wallet.  

Ten years ago, the idea of driving an electric car was unthinkable, just the same goes for painting your walls the color gray.  Both of which, are now very modern and are here to stay.  Those willing to expand their horizons into the modern era will be excited and feel what sophistication has to offer. Thank you for purchasing AC WORKS™ Brand products.  We love providing solutions to our customers. 

You can view our collection of modern gray AC WORKS™ Brand Electric Vehicle products today.

Modern Gray for a Modern Age Electric Vehicle adapters

TIP: When searching for the perfect EV solution you may come across products which are compatible with both EV and RV or EV and Household options, for example.  Don’t rule those products out just because they are not your modern gray sophisticated color, they may be the solution you are looking for. 

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