Emergency Power Protection Options by AC WORKS®

Posted by Stephanie Junek on

AC WORKS® brand products have much to offer for those who need emergency power. What you need depends on what you have at home to provide back up power. As seen in our featured products section you will see the PD4GF-010, a chainable PDU product available for back up, emergency, and other types of power.


Combine the PD4GF-010 along with our L1430PR, NEMA L14-30 heavy-duty extension cord for extra length. You can also combine the L1430F520-05BK flexible adapter with the PD4GF-010 to give yourself even more 20 Amp outlets. It also helps avoid the tripping of the GFCI outlets if necessary for the project you are working on.


We also have a number of circuit breaker adapters for extra protection when using back up power, use the L14-30R locking outlet to combine L1430CB620 flexible adapter and the PD4GF-010. The breaker is designed to protect you by tripping if you draw more than 20 Amps of power. During a power outage in the summer months, you can use the L1430CB620 HVAC 220V adapter to keep your air conditioner going.


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