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1. Where can I find a 360-degree product overview?

Recently, AC Connectors has started creating 360-degree product videos.  These videos allow you to see our product from any angle and give a more in-depth look at the products themselves.  The videos show how durable and well-made the products are, as well as technical information. 

You can view our product videos in multiple locations.  The AC WORKS® brand products with videos will be located on our website and linked directly to the product descriptions.  You can view and share videos right there.  We post all the product overview videos on YouTube prior to placing them on our website.

You can go to our YouTube Channel to view videos and subscribe to our channel.  We recommend you subscribe, you never know what products will be released, contests and giveaways will be held, or when the next product overview video will be released. 

Subscribe to AC WORKS YouTube Channel

 2. Where can I see your products in action?

Our products can be found on YouTube on our channel as well as on other channels.  Some people have reviewed our products on YouTube and shown why you would want to purchase an AC WORKS® brand product.  Search AC WORKS® brand products or adapters on YouTube to find a review from our consumers.  If you would like to see one of our products in action, view our product videos.

3. Where can I find reviews on your products?

You can view product reviews on Amazon.  Search the product name you are looking for along with AC WORKS® and when you find the product scroll down to look at our reviews. On the AC Connectors shop, you will see reviews in product listings, if they are available. 

AC WORKS brand product reviews on Amazon 4. Where can I leave a review on your product?

You can leave a review on our product listing, Amazon, Facebook, and via E-mail.  If you are having a problem with one of our products, please contact customer service prior to leaving a negative review.  If you are not sure what is causing your problem, contact us and our team will figure it out.  Our customer service department will do the very best we can to provide a solution to any problem you have with purchasing, using, or returning our products. 

5. How do I suggest a topic for you to talk about on the blog?

Whether you are new or have been following our blog, we want to talk about the topics you want to read about.  We cannot provide you with the best customer service if we don’t know the questions you have.  You can ask questions about our products, services, and marketing.  If you have a question about the blog post you read or a question that will elaborate on a new blog topic or another post, please leave your questions in the comments below the post.  If you have a topic you would like to see us write about, leave your topics in our Marketing Manager’s e-mail and she will get back to you as soon as possible about when your topic will be listed on the blog. 

6. Who are the faces behind the Marketing Team?

The head of the Marketing Department is Stephanie Junek, she works closely with Management and alongside her team to develop and implement marketing plans for new and existing products.  Any marketing-related questions will be directed to her. 

Stephanie Junek | Marketing Manager | Brand Manager | Blog Author



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