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You may have heard that we now offer in-store pickup at our two locations. One location is in Markham, ON, Canada, and the other is in Oak Creek, WI., USA. When choosing a local pickup, you should be within driving distance of the pickup location. When you select pickup, we will not ship your order.

When shopping, place your product into the cart and hit checkout. On the checkout page, you will see a pickup option. When you click on that option, it shows the pickup location.

You should know if you are trying to pick up at our Canada location, you should use our Canada fulfillment site. The same goes for our U.S. location. The Canada fulfillment site is, and our U.S. fulfillment site is

One problem customers often have is the inability to see a pickup location near them. In some cases, using the correct site will solve this issue. We only offer two locations for pickup, so if you don't see a location near you, it is because there is not one.

We realize many people do not live in our local pickup areas, and we have a solution for those who don't. AC WORKS® brand products are available at Home Depot and Lowes. Those websites can ship to the store to avoid a shipping charge. Offering products at these stores helps us to offer local pickup in many areas across the United States and Canada.

Home Depot and Lowes Offers Ship to Store Options


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