Industry News - the WRAP UP Issue One January 2020

Posted by Stephanie Junek on

Tesla Charging Updates

AC Connectors Offers Safe and Effective Tesla Charging Options


Tesla has removed the 14-50P plug from its standard new vehicle package included with every purchase. The 14-50P plug is compatible with the Gen ll Mobile Connector. The level one adapter still comes standard with every Tesla vehicle purchase however this offers a very slow trickle charge. We have had customer complaints saying our adapters do not work with the Gen ll Mobile Connector because the 14-50P adapter does not come with the vehicle purchase any longer.

We have created a solution by offering a new product, the G2EV1450PT. The NEMA 14-50 adapter works in conjunction with various AC WORKS® adapters to form any combination you need to power your Tesla. The new adapter also comes installed with a chip that pre-sets your charging limits to either 24 or 32 Amps, depending on the adapter you purchase. You can select the option that is best suited for your vehicle and charging needs. You will also find this new flexible adapter included with both the EVKIT01 and EVKIT02 if you are looking to save by purchasing a bundle..

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