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A PDU or power distribution unit is a product with multiple outlets to distribute electric power.  There are many types and styles of PDU. 

Rack Mount PDU are rack-mounted power strips or large floor-mounted power strips used to improve power quality.  Cabinet PDU is larger and is used to power multiple server cabinets.  At AC WORKS® we provide many PDU options to help with your power connection needs.   

AC WORKS® brand power distribution units are many adapter and power strip options for projects like yard work, camping, construction or job sites, in your home or even your office.  

Some of our favorite, easy to use, and the smallest PDU adapters are the V-DUO adapters.  The V-DUO adapters are very durable and compact in size.  They feature nickel-plated pins and terminals to protect from copper rusting and allow your investment to last longer.  These adapters come with a 1-2 plug to outlet allowing you to use one power source to power two items.

V-DUO Adapters by AC WORKS®

Other PDU options AC WORKS® offers are multiple outlet or power strips.  We have a wide variety of this type of product ranging from compact to long extension cord styles. 

The ADL1430F520 and ADL1430F520-FD is a compact generator adapter turning your NEMA L14-30 generator outlet into four NEMA 5-20 household style outlets.  Simply plug these adapters into your locking L14-30 generator outlet and you can power up to four household items.  This is particularly useful when dealing with power outages and the need for emergency power in your home or office.  One of the two adapters come with a built-in circuit breaker to help protect your products. *If you are looking for this product with additional length we have it available with a 25-foot cable also, part number L1430F520-025.  

ADL1430F520-FD PDU Adapters

Another PDU options we offer are the flexible adapters.  You can plug these adapters into your power source, in this case, a generator, and have the flexibility to move the adapter around in the direction or angle you need to keep the power flowing.  The adapters are 1-1.5 feet in length and come with heavy-duty indoor/outdoor cables, provide high-power copper wire, and some have power indicator lights. 

The L1420F520-018 is a flexible adapter option you can plug into your NEMA L14-20 generator outlet and turn it into four household T-blade outlets.  This product is commonly used with a generator for emergency power, construction/job sites, providing power to your appliances for your RV camping needs, and more. 

AC WORKS® Flexible PDU Adapter

We also have these flexible styles of PDU adapters for use with your high-power home outlets like your range or dryer outlet.  The S1430F520-018 is used to turn your household 4-prong dryer outlet into four household T-blade NEMA 5-20 outlets. 

S1430F520-018 AC WORKS® PDU Adapter

AC WORKS® wants to try and provide all power solutions options to you.  We also offer PDU strips connected to longer and more flexible extension cords.  The L530W515-025 is an example of a product that will turn your NEMA L5-30 locking outlet into three household style NEMA 5-15 outlets.  You can use this to gain length and power multiple household plugs into this power strip on the end of the extension cord.  This product also comes with a power indicator light and is an indoor/outdoor safe cable jacket providing extra protection to you and your projects. 

AC WORKS® brand PDU Extension Cord

If all of these products are not what you are looking for we also offer a variety of good old fashion power strips.  We offer some with medical grade certifications, some household, and we even have a power strip with rotating outlets and surge protection.  Whatever the problem is we have a power connection solution to help solve it. 

If you are unsure where to start or how to find the power solution you need please contact our sales engineers via email or text with pictures of the plugs and outlets you are having a problem with.  We will get back to you right away with a solution. 

Stephanie Junek Marketing Manager for Cordtec Power Corporation


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