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Summer is coming to an end and it is time to start thinking about your boats winter hibernation.  Just as bears gorge on seeds, nuts, and berries preparing themselves for the long winter hibernation, you should prepare your boat for its winter storage nap.

Winter storage can help protect your investment as well as your time in the spring when you are excited to get out on the open water again.

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Here is a list of things that will make your spring life easier when putting your boat away for the winter:

  • Clean the Boat: Top, sides, and deck – Let your boat dry before placing in storage
  • Fresh Coat of Wax
  • Oil Change and Filter
  • Coolant System Flush
  • Remove Drive Belts
  • Grease Steering Mechanism
  • Disconnect Battery
  • Fill Gas Tank: Avoiding Condensation Over Months of Storage
  • Change the Fuel Filter

Thinks you should make sure you don't forget are:

Walk Over: Check the boat for any minor problems, loose hoses, broken cable insulation, corrosion, rust, leakage, wiring connections etc.  Repair or replace any broken or disassembled parts.

Remove and store any items like lifejackets, fire extinguishers, flares, ski ropes, electronics, and power adapters etc. 

Ideally, you will store your boat indoors in a climate-controlled storage unit.  Some people will not find this feasible.  Outdoor storage is common and more practical for some.  If storing your boat outdoors, be sure you have an excellent cover.  Some people choose to shrink wrap their boats creating a very tight seal.  This is a professional service and can be expensive.  If you choose not to do so, you can cover your boat yourself.  Be sure you have a custom-fit cover to attached tightly to your entire boat.

If you will be storing your boat outdoors, you will need to be sure you cover the boat properly.  Keep it stored in a dry garage or under a canopy or carport.  If this is not available to you try and keep the boat out of the elements as much as possible.  Leaves, sun, rain, snow, dirt, and critters will all try to find their way into your boat.  Clean debris off the boat covers regularly. 

Keep in mind we specialize in getting you power solutions for your vessel, not servicing, cleaning or storage.  We have compiled this list of things to help make your life easier.  We are not in the storage and service profession.  This list may have missed an item or have not described it in depth. 


Please share your favorite marina’s, service centers and storage locations for your boat so we can offer the information to our customers looking for winter services and storage facilities. 

Stephanie Junek | Blog Author, Marketing and Brand Manager

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