Product Release: Fresh New Adapter Design

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New Adapter Design

AC WORKS® brand products have been durable and work well.  We have created a design that will last when put through the elements, that will handle the extreme temps, the spills of oil, or being tossed around before, during, and after each use. 

As we know in this world, nothing is ever perfect, change is good, and we won’t stop working until we can create an adapter design for each of our products that will improve and become the top design in the market. 

One warm Tuesday morning in the office we started talking about the design of our adapters, the look, the feel, and how we could come up with any improvements.  Sketches were drawn, illustrations were created and then we had a final design.

New Adapter Design Sketch

Of course, during production, there can be hiccups along the way.  We liked the design however the power indicator light was not improved enough just yet.  We were not going to be happy with the light until it is able to be seen in the daylight, night light, and any place the adapter was being used. 

Once we have perfected the light, we put the adapter into production starting with our ADTTL1430 model.  As we start to sell out of other models’ we will start to bring this new product design into stock until we are fully equipped with the new AC WORKS® brand product design.

New AC WORKS® Adapter Design

The new adapter design added a power indicator light going around the perimeter of the product so you will always know when you are receiving power.  We also updated the bulky size and shape of the adapter allowing it to better fit into the inlet you have, and we also created a better grip, so no more should the adapter be getting stuck.

New Adapter Design

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