Severe Spring Weather in the United States

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Severe storms are a regular Spring season problem we have to deal with. Tornado season in the U.S. starts in February and runs through November each year. This year severe weather started popping up already in January. AccuWeather says, the average number of Tornados in the U.S. in January is 35 and in February is 29.

This year started with 90 tornados in January and quickly turned into a deadly season. Dozens of people lost their lives this year to tornados already. The most notable being in early March in Tennessee. There was also a deadly tornado outbreak in the south in early April.

The peak of tornado season is April, May, and June. Already the month of April was the most active since 2011 and the deadliest month on record since May 2013. Although we have had a pretty calm May so far things are expected to heat up and the weather patterns could shift and become more severe in the plains rather than in the south, where it has been so far this year.

Either direction the extreme weather patterns decide to take, one thing we can be sure about is the danger to us and the need for emergency power. This month’s focus will be on emergency power and severe weather safety. It is our goal to help you be as prepared as you can during a severe weather outbreak.



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