AC WORKS® Connector — AC


Posted by Christopher Hahn on

Do you run a small business that can’t afford the hit of a power outage? Do you need a couple low powered appliances or power tools to continuously run during a power outage?

Are you a contractor or industrial worker who needs to hook multiple power tools up to a generator to get the job done

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AC Wiring Basics

Posted by Stephanie Junek on

AC stands for Alternating Current. AC is the type of electricity used for homes and other buildings.  A basic understanding of AC power is essential if you are a homeowner, want or need to change out any basic electrical in your home or want to know how the power in your home works.  It is essential you don’t work on anything electrical in your home or other buildings if you are unsure what you are doing.  There is no reason to risk the safety of yourself and your home. 

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