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Do you run a small business that can’t afford the hit of a power outage? Do you need a couple low powered appliances or power tools to continuously run during a power outage?

Are you a contractor or industrial worker who needs to hook multiple power tools up to a generator to get the job done?

Here at AC Connectors, we have two new solutions for you.

The first is ADL1430F520.

ADL1430F520 Compact Adapter, Power Distribution Unit


ADL1430F520 4-prong, Generator Locking Adapter

The ADL1430F520 is a compact, four-way, power distribution unit. With its L14-30 30 Amp 4 prong, locking style pins, this product is ideal for generator use. On the opposite end, are four 5-15/20R 20 Amp, T-blade, household outlets, perfect for just about anything with a household plug.

You’ll notice two red dots and two green dots on the T-blade outlets. These dots are there to signify which outlet is connected to which separate hot wire. On the plug end, there are two hot pins on both sides, along with one grounding pin and one neutral pin. The two hot pins are there to supply 30amps of electricity to their corresponding sides.

Let’s think about the example of a small business being struck by a power outage. There are lots of orders to fulfill, but all the computers and even the internet is down. Start up the generator (in an open area outside, of course) and you can instantly supply power to computers.

Safety Warning: Never use your generator in an enclosed area like your home, garage or office.  Always use your generator at least ten feet from your home and in an open area.  

Instead, let’s say you need to use two heavier duty power tools rather than computers. To make sure you don’t trip the breaker and create further inconveniences, make sure to plug one tool into one of each colored outlet (one in red and one in green). This will ensure the outlets do not get overloaded.

ADL1430F520 Generator Adapter, Green Dot, Red Dot, Hot Pins

Are you unsure of how much energy you will be using and want to prevent any further damage? We have you covered on that, too. The second product we are releasing, ADL1430F520-FD, has a 20 Amp breaker built into each side.

ADL1430F520-FD, Generator Adapter, Circuit Breaker


ADL1430F520-FD, Compact Adapter, Twist Lock, 4-prong Generator Adapter

 If it overloads or there is a ground fault, the red button will pop out. After finding out what the issue is,  all you need to do to get the energy flowing again is to push the button back into place. Everything else is identical to ADL1430F520, but with the added breakers, this product is ETL certified.

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you have so we can make sure you get the right solution. You can reach our 24/7 customer service via phone call to (414) 434-2220. You can also reach us through email and text message.

Thank you for visiting our site! Be sure to let us know in the comments below, what type of products you would like AC Connectors to carry in the future!

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