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The Milwaukee RV show is located at the Wisconsin State Fair Park Expo Center in West Allis, Wisconsin.  AC Connectors decided to attend the show last week, so we can get a good idea of the type of RV and camper options available to the public.  Our company carries adapters and power solutions for RV and generators, this means it is important to understand how our products will power and work with your existing power system. 

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The Milwaukee RV show had something for everyone.  The products available were many types of camping options and reliable brand names in the industry.  There were options available for any budget and lifestyle. 

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Some of the exhibitors we stopped to talk with were DeHaan RV Center, Burlington RV Superstore, Scenic Traveler RV Centers, Schieks Campers and Prosser’s Premium RV Outlet.  We also received a ton of information on Wisconsin area campgrounds and RV parks. 

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A salesperson from DeHaan RV Center in Elkhorn, WI. Was very good at explaining the typical problems that occur for campers who are not sure what they are doing, when it comes to powering their RV or trailer.  Problems can occur if you are not using the correct power methods when running the appliances, lights and other items in your RV/trailer.  Some of the things she explained are likely to happen, are tripping your breaker or ruining the cable, adapter and/or outlet inside your RV.  It is important to learn how to properly power your product before your first use. 

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Scenic Traveler RV Center expanded on the information we learned from DeHaan by explaining the power usage for a 30amp and 50amp service to your RV.  We learned that the 30 Amp system would be capable of powering most of your appliances and items within the RV if you have it hooked up to a 30Amp service.  This will also be dependent upon the campgrounds electrical service and grid.  The 50 Amp system will work to power all your power needs at once if you have it plugged into 50 Amp service at the campground.  Sometimes you may have to use an adapter to plug your 50 Amp system into a 30 Amp service because that is all the campground has to offer.  In this situation, you may want to be considerate of the campground and other campers around you and try not to run all your appliances and power needs at one time.  Running all your appliances like at once along with not paying attention to how you hooked up to the campground's power can cause a load of problems like burning up your cords, adapters or problems with tripping breakers when needed and slowing down the power to you or other campers around you. 

Here is an example of one of a pair of our AC Works brand RV adapters.  These adapters will help to connect your RV to the campground service if you have a 30 Amp RV trying to plug into 50 Amp service or vice versa.  

Prosser’s RV Outlet advertises they “Feature the most unique selection of RV’s in the Midwest”.  When we walked into their space looking for their owner Mike, we really did see a unique selection along with a price for any budget.  Some of the products featured at this years show included tear-drops, truck campers, pop-ups, travel trailers, toy haulers and motorhomes.  Our favorite was the Coachmen Freelander Motorhome, where we noticed solar panel plug-in connection comes standard alongside their 30 Amp power system and there are 12 Volt, 10 Amp, 120-Watt power outlets inside along with USB outlet ports.

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Overall, we recommend the Milwaukee RV Show to any new or returning camper looking to expand their knowledge on RV/Trailers, purchase a new one, or find a new and interesting place to travel.  We will be returning to see next years lineup.  See you there.

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