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Today's post marks our 100th blog post on AC WORKS® Connectors and we want to celebrate by offering you 100 different ways we can help you.  Take a look at our list below.  

100 Cord Image by AC WORKS®

As a bonus to our readers, if you read through the entire list you will find four coupon codes ranging from 40-50% off select items.  

  1. The PSROT Rotating Power Strips are used to keep your cords organized.  The PSROT rotating power strip is on sale now through September 10th using coupon code Rotating50 during checkout.  PSROT-072 Rotating Power Strip by AC WORKS®
  2. EVbundle10 coupon code is used every day to receive 10 percent off the purchase of any length extension cord when you purchase an EV Kit from our website. (Includes: S1030PR, S520PR, 1430PR, and WD650PR extension cords)
  3. Watts refer to real power, a measure of power, and the rate of energy is consumed.
  4. S10301430-018 connects your new 4-prong dryer plug to your old 3-prong home dryer outlet.
  5. AD1450L630 generator adapter can be used with a range or a generator outlet.
  6. We offer more than a dozen NEMA styles of locking adapters to help provide power solutions to anything you need.
  7. AC WORKS® YouTube channel provides helpful product overview videos to keep you learning about how our products can help you.
  8. Like many other adapters, the EV1030MS comes in both compact and flexible style adapters to help you charge your Tesla from many locations.
  9. EV515MS allows you to charge your Tesla Model S/X/3 with your household outlet.
  10. Use a household outlet to power a 50 Amp RV or Boat with our S515M50-018 flexible adapter.
  11. Our products come with a warranty.
  12. RV, Food Trucks, Fifth Wheels, Travel Trailers, Boats, and Marine power all have something in common. They can share many adapters depending on the electrical specs. 
  13. You can power your 50 Amp RV using a 30 Amp power source in the RV park with an RVTT1450.
  14. The Locking L5-30 to straight 5-20 adapter turning your locking generator outlet into a regular household T-blade outlet allowing you to plug in power tools, household items, or other 15/20 Amp devices for power using your generator.
  15. Power distribution adapters such as S1430F520-018 and S1450F520-018 can be used for emergency power and for flood restoration.
  16. You need to power the electric vehicle you just purchased, at home and this is new to you. You have no clue where to begin.  Contact AC WORKS® brands sales engineers for a FREE consultation to learn the best solution to your power problem. 
  17. What is the little green wire?
  18. Reach out to @AC_Connectors on Facebook with questions or comments and we will respond as soon as we can.
  19. Ask AC WORKS® by tagging us on Twitter @AC_Connectors to ask any questions you may have.
  20. When there are natural disasters AC WORKS® brand temporary power and/or generator products go on sale to help you in your time of need. You never know what the sale might be, so contact AC Connectors for your temporary power solutions first. 
  21. If you own a Tesla EV and are planning on a road trip but are worried about how you will obtain power for your vehicle, you can purchase one of the AC WORKS® brand EV Power Kits to provide many solutions as you travel.
  22. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if the product is not as described in the listing.
  23. The AC WORKS® brand TT30W515-018 PDU Generator/RV Adapter will provide you with three 15 Amp household adapters using a 30 Amp RV/Generator outlet as your power source.
  24. The V-DUO adapter collection provides you two outlets from one power source with many different NEMA configurations to choose from.
  25. Have you been looking for the right welder power adapter to work with your locking generator outlet? AC WORKS® can provide you a generator power solutions for your NEMA 6-50 welder by using our WDL1430650 compact adapter. 
  26. Do you know how to safely use a generator to power your RV? We can teach you.
  27. Coiled cords have advantages over straight cords that need to be wound and hung.
  28. We can also teach you how to power your RV appliances using a generator.
  29. Have you found an outlet in your home and you are not sure what it can power or how to use it safely? Check out our outlet solutions page on the AC Connectors store site to help you learn more about your power options. 
  30. Are you looking for a product manual or technical information about your product? AC Connectors has a downloads page where you can find this helpful information and more.  https://acworks.com/pages/technical-downloads
  31. Speaking of downloads, we can also offer you our product sheets for download and sharing on social media, emails, and texts on our downloads page.
  32. Do you need help with learning how to ground your 4-prong dryer adapter? We can help.
  33. Do you know that locking plugs are a necessity in commercial kitchens and why? Learn that on the AC WORKS® Connector blog.  
  34. We have an affiliate company called Cordtec Power Corp. that will help you with custom orders for your devices, machines, and other projects in need of power supplies. cordtecpower.com
  35. You need the correct power supply to keep your swimming pool pump going and we can help you figure out which adapter that will be.
  36. Using a 2-3 prong power adapter is not safe and we can teach you why on the blog. 
  37. We can provide you with IT, CPU, and server power options like the AD1308-FG IEC C14 with mounting holes.
  38. Did you know medical and hospital grade products like the S515B515-060 are not strictly for medical purpose?  You can use this product in a medical facility, commercial office, industrial setting, and residential area.  Now through September 10, 2019, you can get a five-pack of these power strips for 50% off if you use coupon code CORD50 during checkout.  
  39. You can benefit from being an Amazon Prime member. Purchase AC WORKS® brand products on Amazon. 
  40. Do not assume there is no power running through your product if the power indicator light fails, always test your product for safety.
  41. We can provide you an IT power plug to household outlets in the form of a power strip and extension cord. Learn more about the C14B515-018 1.5-foot IT power strip.
  42. If your products are ordered on AC Connectors by 3pm your order will ship out the same day as its order has been placed.
  43. Coiled cords are shaped like a spring and designed to extend and retract allowing the cord to go further and still use less valuable storage space when not in use.
  44. We can teach you how to properly wrap your extension cords for longer life. 
  45. Electrical cords need jackets too.
  46. We have over 400 AC WORKS® brand products and are continuing to grow our collection.
  47. Did you know you can contact us 24/7 via email, phone, fax, text, or social media platforms?
  48. We sell products that have gained major certifications, including UL and C/UL.
  49. Plugs have metal prongs or pins, allowing them to fit into a connector or female socket which is referred to as a receptacle.
  50. Peak power is the rush of power required to kick start or power on your equipment and is different than the average power you will require when the equipment is simply running.
  51. Watts are equal to voltage times current.
  52. We charge restocking fees on returned items, but this fee can be avoided by utilizing our free consultations prior to making a purchase or by exchanging your product for the correct item rather than simply making a return.
  53. You can text an image of the plug/connector in question to help us help you. Text to 414.323.3240
  54. When looking at a polarized household plug, the smaller of the two prongs is a hot wire and the wider is neutral.
  55. NEMA is an industrial electrical connection standard language using pin configurations so you can identify how many amps or volts your product will use. For example; the standard household NEMA is 5-15R, or an outlet consisting of 125 Volts and 15 Amps. 
  56. R stands for Receptacle or outlet.
  57. P stands for Plug or prongs.
  58. Power inlet boxes allow you to get the power from your generator to safely enter your home. Learn more on the AC WORKS® Connector blog.  
  59. If you need an emergency power inlet or are trying to install temporary power to your home, we offer EPL kits in both NEMA 14-20 and NEMA 14-30 options.
  60. Speaking of kits, we also offer both 30 Amp and 50 Amp RV Kits that will allow you to get power from many different power sources.
  61. Many of our products contain nickel-plated pins and terminals to prevent rusting of the copper prongs.
  62. The heavy-duty SS21450-018 flexible adapter will provide power to charge your EV from your Marina or dock power source.
  63. You can use the TT-30 RV 30 Amp outlet at your campground to get two household outlets for powering equipment while camping. The adapter you need to make this happen is the ADVTT520 V-Duo adapter by AC WORKS®
  64. You could also use the ADVTT520 V-Duo adapter with a generator TT-30 outlet for a power source.
  65. Our products are available for purchase on our site AC Connectors along with Amazon, eBay, The Home Depot, Jet, and Walmart.com websites.
  66. We offer an AD227-40 USB AC to DC 5 Volt 1 Amp USB charging adapter for use with regular household power.  Receive 50% off a 10 pack of USB charging adapters when you use coupon code Charger50 during checkout.  
  67. Re-wiring an outlet might void your generator warranty, please refer to your manual before you re-wire any outlets inside of your generator.
  68. We have multiple medical, hospital grade, green dot power strips available with UL and/or C/UL certifications.
  69. Are you looking for a medical-grade y power cord with two IEC C13’s? Look no further, we can help.
  70. DIY wiring devices are available in many NEMA configurations on our AC Connectors website.
  71. Are you looking for a replacement receptacle for your generator? We have them in many different configurations. 
  72. We can offer you a product sheet of Tesla charging adapters to help you figure out what type of charging options are best for your situation.
  73. The voltage rating drops in power cords the longer the cord gets. Learn more in this video 
  74. Generators and PDU adapters or power cords can be used together for many different reasons. Check out this video to learn more.  
  75. PDU adapters can also help those contractors in the construction or restoration businesses get more power to their tools and equipment.
  76. We also have many power solutions for flood restoration companies to choose from.
  77. Our extension cords have anti-cold weather jackets to keep the cord flexible and easier to use in extreme temperatures.
  78. You should always keep your generator at least ten feet away from your house, tent, RV or other enclosed locations. Dangerous exhaust can and will kill people if the fumes are entering your living spaces.
  79. A surge protector will protect your home appliances and electronics from spikes in electricity.
  80. You can use a battery or an extension cord and a generator to provide backup power to your sump pump in a power outage.
  81. We have used our compact adapters as baseballs to test their durability.
  82. YouTube subscribers receive new topics about our products and industry-related questions or concerns every week in our AC WORKS® Wisdom episodes.  
  83. Using zip ties, twist ties, or PVC pipe may save your new pet and your home from fire, learn more in this blog post.
  84. Extension cords and adapters are for temporary use only, they are not a permanent solution.
  85. Male to male or plug to plug adapters or power cords are extremely dangerous and should never be used. 
  86. If you wrap your extension cords neatly and loose they are less likely to develop tight spots, knots, tears, or other damage and last longer.
  87. Don’t run electrical cords under rugs or furniture, tape them to the floor, or attach them to any surfaces that have staples, nails, or is metal.
  88. Indoor use only cords should not be used outside. Outdoor use cords can be used inside. 
  89. You can easily place the threaded ring onto your adapter using a heat gun or hairdryer. 
  90. Adapters are quick and easy to install and don’t require you contacting an electrician or having to re-wire a new outlet.
  91. The 30 Amp NEMA TT-30 outlet is rated for a maximum of 3750 watts.
  92. The RV 50 Amp NEMA 14-50 outlet is rated for a maximum of 12,500 watts.
  93. AC WORKS brands offer a residential power solutions product sheet to help you find the power solutions you may need in your home. 
  94. Do you need a kit of powerful adapters and extension cords for indoor/outdoor use in your home, office, or business? Look no further than the HGKIT01 Home and Garden power kitUse coupon code HGKIT40 during checkout to receive 40% off the entire Home and Garden Kit now through September 10th.  
  95. If you subscribe to our newsletter you will receive random sales and discounts in your email at any time throughout the year.
  96. AC WORKS® YouTube channel has product overview videos that allow you to see our products at all angles before you purchase.  
  97. We have an entire blog post about DIY wiring safety concerns to read and know prior to using our DIY wiring devices.
  98. Customer service is our main priority right before high quality and durable products.
  99. You can keep track of new products, safety concerns, updates and more on Twitter and Facebook if you prefer social media to email.
  100. Our brand name is AC WORKS® and our store name is AC Connectors. You will be able to find us by searching either of those keywords on Google.

Leave a comment below if we have helped you in the past in a way that was not mentioned above.  

Contact our sales engineers with any questions you have about your power needs.  Thank you for being a valued customer.  

**The coupon codes we are offering in this blog post are good from September 6-10th , 2019 when shopping in the AC Connectors store only.  They may not be used on other sales channels or in conjunction with any other coupons.  These offers are one per customer.**  

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