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The weather is warm, the sun is beating down, and your life is heating up.  When it gets hot and steamy outside the first thing you want to do is cool off.  There is no better place to cool down than in your swimming pool. 

How do you keep your pool swim-ready, by keeping it clean?  The most important part of keeping your pool clean is the swimming pool pump.  There are a variety of pool pumps including in-ground and above ground featuring weather-resistant and corrosion-free housings.  Those things sound familiar, don’t they?  Our products swimming pool adapters are also weather-resistant and have nickel-plated prongs and terminals to keep corrosion at bay. 

The swimming pool pump will work with your filter and help to keep your pool clean and happy.  Above ground pool pumps have lower flow rates working with smaller filters and have to produce smaller distances with this type of pool.  The water circulates your pool, goes through your filter and pump to be replaced back into your pool. 

Most above ground pool pumps are 115V and include a power cord. 

In-ground pool pumps work harder and have higher flow rates because of the larger filter and plumbing required for this type of pool.  This type of pool pump can be 115 V or 230V for a ¾ horsepower to 1 ½ horsepower.  If you have a 2 or higher horsepower you will need 230V. 

Many of our customers use the ADL520520 orange compact adapter to provide power from their swimming pool pump to their home outlet.  The ADL520520 has a locking male plug NEMA L5-20 20 Amps and allows you to plug your household plugs into the receptacle end housing a 15/20 Amp NEMA 5-15/20 T-blade outlet. 

ADL520520 AC WORKS® Brand Adapter

Watch this week’s episode of AC WORKS® Wisdom to learn more.  If you have any questions please contact one of our knowledgeable sales engineers via email, phone, or text. 

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  • I’m glad that you explained to us that the swimming pool pump is in charge of working with the filters to keep the water circulating in your pool clean and safe. My mom had asked me to shop for new pool pumps since there seems to be problems with the ones we have at home that require immediate replacement. I’ll have to make sure the pool pumps I buy are from a trusted manufacturer and are proven to be energy-efficient. https://usa.speck-pumps.com

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