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Tomorrow starts National Drive Electric Week so for the next couple weeks during the month of September we will be talking about EV charging on our blog.  This week we are discussing Level One EV charging and some AC WORKS® products we have to help you charge.  

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Level One charging is 120 Volts and 15 Amps.

When you read level one charging you are essentially reading that you can charge your EV from your regular household outlet at a rate of about 4 miles of range per hour, depending on your vehicle.  This charging uses the 120 Volt 15 Amp standard connections in your home or office. 

Level one charging is perfect for daily commuting.  You can plug in your car at home every night to get the range you will need for the next day’s commute.  There is an added benefit if you can charge your EV using a regular level one outlet during your work hours. 

This type of charging equipment comes standard with your new electric vehicle.  You will get roughly 40 miles of range during an 8-hour charge period.  For those who have short commute times or don’t drive often a nightly charge is sufficient for daily driving. 

Level one charging is not suitable for long road trips or commutes. 

AC Connectors offers a handful of AC WORKS® brand products to help you with Level One EV charging. 

AC WORKS® Level One EV Compact Adapters




AC WORKS® brand level one EV charging adapter EV515L630


AC WORKS® brand EV Charging Adapter

AC WORKS® Level One EV Flexible Adapters


AC WORKS® brand EV charging adapter EV515620-012

AC WORKS® Level One EV Extension Cords


AC WORKS® brand EV cord


S520PR AC WORKS® brand household extension cord

Contact one of our AC Connectors Sales Engineers if you have any questions about how to properly charge your electric vehicle at home.  

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