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How to Prep your House for the Winter

Posted by Stephanie Junek on

Winter weather means we will start using more electricity in our homes due to fewer daylight hours, colder temperatures and the holidays when we add to the electricity bill by hanging strands of lights and other festive electrical users around the house. There is always a risk involved with using electricity and when you use more there is a higher risk.  Many problems can arise for a homeowner due to electrical issues and you want to try and avoid as many of those problems as possible.  Prepare your home for the frigid cold temperatures, blowing wind and other hazards that...

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Avoiding Electrical Fires at Home

Posted by Christopher Hahn on

While using electrical appliances and regular household items is safe, there are some practices that we tend not to think of that can help prevent electrical fires at home. When it comes to electrical cords or extension cords, always be sure to check that they are not worn or frayed. If a copper wire is exposed, the passing current can heat up its surroundings which could potentially lead to shock or even a fire. It is best to discard any cords with an exposed wire. A good tip to keep cords from getting worn or frayed is to hold the plug...

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