Does the Anti-Cold Weather Jacket Really Work?

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Have you heard of anti-cold weather jackets before?  I know what you're thinking, what does a jacket have to do with electrical power?  If you do not have an electrical background you most likely have never heard of this term before.  If you have seen it when shopping for your indoor/outdoor and other electrical residential products you may have just ignored it because you don’t know what the term means. 

Anti-Cold Weather Product Descriptions

It is explained that an anti-cold weather jacket will stay flexible in extreme temperatures.  When needing to use your indoor/outdoor extension cords or cord sets out in the cold this comes in handy.  It can provide you with some extra movement and even more length on your cord. 

When reading this explanation, it sounds good, but does it really matter to you?  If the cord works outdoors it should do what we need it to right?  Wrong!  Some cords are not made to withstand the extreme temperatures mother earth may throw our way. 

When using a cord in extreme cold you may find it hard to move around, you may lose length on the cord because it is stuck in a wrapped or coiled position and will not allow you to stretch it out to its full length.  This can cause tripping or safety concerns for those walking by.  Your cord could break or crack in these cold elements.  Once your cords crack and expose the wiring inside they become useless because they are dangerous to use. 

Anti-cold weather jacket cord demonstration

Some cords are not coiled or nicely wrapped as they would be in the examples I just gave above.  If you are working with a cord that has been tangled and not properly stored it could become impossible to straighten or get any length to use the cord.  This can become an inconvenience.  You will waste time warming the cord to a temperature where it will become manageable. 

Of course, when the weather is that cold you want to get your job done as fast as possible.  The anti-cold weather jackets allow you to get your work done quicker and more safely. 

WD650PR anti-cold weather extension cord

Whether you are a professional contractor, electrician, or homeowner these anti-cold weather jackets will prove to be worth the difference in quality.  To see the difference in action, watch this AC WORKS® Wisdom video where we put our products to the test.

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