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Industry News

Level 2 Charging Research

We have had customers reach out to us in search of a level 2 charger for the Chevrolet Bolt/Volt models. We learned the vehicles only come with a level 1 regular household charging cable. The customers are trying to adapt to the 240V outlets they have.

Currently, we do not have a product that will adapt to a level 2 charging ability. As you read this, we are researching and planning ways we can adapt their cables and bring them a solution. Besides the level 1 charger, the other charging option offered by Chevrolet is a level 2 charging cable. The level 2 cable gets installed in your home. The problem with this option is you cannot take it with you when you are traveling, so you are unable to charge away from home using level 2.

Customer inquiries are the inspiration for our product research and development. We are always looking for ways to improve and create solutions not yet available. If you have any tips or tricks on how you charge your Chevrolet Bolt or Volt models, please share them with our sales research and development team

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