30 Amp VS 50 Amp RV Outlet & Adapter Outputs

Posted by Christopher Hahn on

Recently we have been talking about RV connections a lot. One of the most common questions we get is about the wattage rating of our RV adapters and its effect on what you can power in your RV.

Let’s start with a NEMA TT-30R outlet. These are used for 30 Amp RVs and are often found on RV/camping power pedestals and generators. But let’s say you have a 50 Amp RV that you need to hook up to one of these outlets. For this, you would need RVTT1450. The NEMA TT-30R outlet is rated for 3750 Watts, while a NEMA 14-50R outlet is rated for 12,500 Watts. The adapter, RVTT1450, is only rated for 3750 Watts because that is the maximum amount of power it can pull from the outlet without tripping the breaker. Yes, you can still get power to your 50 Amp RV, but it won’t be the same amount of power if you were to use a 14-50 outlet.

In other words, since it only has 30 Amps, 125 Volts, 3750 Watts capacity, it can not turn on everything at once. Let’s reverse the situation now. You have a 30 Amp RV but need to connect to a 14-50 outlet typically used for 50 Amp RVs. This adapter would be RV1450TT. Don’t worry, you will not feed 50 Amps to your 30 Amp RV. The adapter’s maximum wattage is still only 3750 Watts.

This is because it is all the TT-30 RV plug requires and it is why RV manufacturers install it. Like, comment, and subscribe to see more videos just like this one. Shoot us an email if there is a topic you would like to see us cover. Thank you for watching!

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  • thank you so much thats what i was thinking

    Tony Taylor on
  • Hello Tony. No, you cannot adapt a 6-50 outlet to use with your 50A RV with a 14-50. Your 50A RV requires a neutral connection so it can operate at both 120V and 240V to cover different appliances inside. A 6-50 outlet is only made up of two hots and a ground. There is no neutral in a 6-50 outlet.

    Christopher on
  • i have a 240 volt 6-50r receptacle on my welder can i use a adapter to get to a 14-50r receptacle for my 50 amp rv ? I have a hobart 145 welder

    tony j taylor on
  • Hello Ronald. No, the breaker on the 50A outlet will not trip at 3,750 Watts. Your 30A RV shouldn’t exceed that amount as it is. RV1450TT is also only rated to operate at 3,750 Watts, so it can’t go any higher than that. The RV circuit breakers also are usually the first to trip if you are overloadig the circuits. Circuit breakers also trip from an overload of amps. But again, the circuit breaker inside your RV would trip first.

    Christopher on
  • If you’re using a RV1450TT Adapter to tun your 30 amp RV ,and the power poll has a 50 amp breaker for that receptacle, will the 50 amp breaker trip at 3750 watts?

    Ronald Williams on

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