AC WORKS® Flood Restoration Series: Using a Dryer Outlet to Power Your Equipment

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Often times, we tend to not think about how useful some of the outlets in our homes are. No, I’m not talking about regular household outlets. I’m talking about the outlets currently being used by your dryer. These are particularly useful in the event of your house or apartment floods. You may be thinking: how so? What makes them so special?

First off, dryer outlets are usually higher up on the wall than regular household outlets. This makes them less likely to be damaged by the water, leaving them fully functional.

Another nice thing about them is that they supply a higher amount of power than just a plain household outlet. Whether you have an old-style dryer outlet or a new style dryer outlet, they both supply 30 Amps at 250 volts.

AC Connectors offers several different power distribution adapters for your equipment. Old or new style outlet, we have you covered. Using the dryer outlet will save you lots of time, and you won’t have to worry about circuit breakers tripping.

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