AC WORKS® Wisdom 2018 Recap

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Can you believe 2018 is already coming to an end? That chapter in the book of life has come to an end, but we cannot forget all it has added to our story. As we mentioned in our August recap post, we grew out of our small warehouse much quicker than we had anticipated which led us to a much bigger facility in the city of Oak Creek, WI. In fact, our new facility is about 4 and a half times bigger than our old one!

If you have not been able to find the information about the products you are looking for, we offer text messaging, 24/7 customer service line and many ways to find your solutions on our website. We have added another tool to our website to help you find your power connection solutions quicker. This is called the “Outlet Solutions” page. Once you have clicked on the heading, you can find pictures of the most common electrical outlets being used. This will help you to identify the outlet you need to adapt.

The quality, reliability, and durability of our products are impeccable; however, we believe we can improve. We are working to find the best possible product design for our customers. Stay tuned for future announcements. We anticipate 2019 will also be a big year for us!

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