AC WORKS® Wisdom: Benefits of Anti-Cold Weather Jackets on Power Cords

Posted by Christopher Hahn on

What is an anti-cold weather jacket? Is that even real? Yes, it is very real. Our AC WORKS™ brand flexible adapters and power cords have anti-cold weather jackets. These specially formulated cords are made to bend in any temperature and will not crack after long exposure times in harsh weather.

After experiencing record-breaking low temperatures, we decided to put ours to the test at our facility in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. We put both a regular old extension cord that you probably have in your garage at home and a similar one of ours outside in the snow and cold temperatures for about an hour and 45 minutes. We also put out some thicker cords that are typically used with portable generators. And yes, we will also put our AC WORKS® brand thicker cords out there, too.

Check it out to see the results!

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