AC WORKS® Wisdom: Can PDUs Be Used With Generators?

Posted by Christopher Hahn on

Recently, we have discussed how PDUs (power distribution units) work and their different applications. They can be used in your home, apartment, office, and even at a construction site. But what about generators?

PDUs can be used with generators for a couple of different jobs. As we have already mentioned, they can be used to power tools outside at a construction site. Small PDU adapters can be used on mobile generators to power smaller tools in the yard, for smaller work sites, or for flood restoration in areas where the power is out. Another time PDU adapters can be used with generators is during a power outage.

Just like with the other applications, you must follow a set of rules when using PDUs with generators. This video will cover those rules and will answer any other questions you may have about PDUs.

If you have any further questions about power connection solutions, please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask us through a phone call, text, or email.


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