AC WORKS® Wisdom: How to Maintain RV Circuit Breakers

Posted by Christopher Hahn on

People new to RVs and even experienced RVers can often do something they are a little embarrassed to admit: trip the RVs circuit breaker. Just like in your home, a circuit breaker is put in place to stop an electrical current should there be an excess or overload. This makes sure none of your appliances short circuit, get fried or even start a fire. How does a circuit breaker gets tripped in your RV?

There’s a couple of things that could lead to a circuit breaker being tripped. This video will go over the different scenarios that can lead to such an occurrence, and how you can prevent them and fix them.

If you have any questions about what you can power in your RV with a specific power source, you can ask us or your RV provider.

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