AC WORKS™ Wisdom: The Dangers of Double Male Ended Cords

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The dangers of double male ended cords are very real. Often times, we hear from our customers about using a cord which has two male plug sides. At first, this may sound like a quick and easy solution, but it is a rather dangerous option. When you plug in such a cord, there will be electricity flowing to the exposed plug.

There can be electrical arcing which is incredibly dangerous to any living thing. If this is touched, you can get shocked! If it is touched by something else, it could potentially start a fire. Even if you are an extremely careful type, we still recommend staying away from cords where both sides are a plug.

Even if you think you will be the only one to use it, you can never be sure. There is always a possibility of someone else getting their hands on it and getting hurt. Not only that, but these cords do not follow any codes and electricians won’t use them because they can lose their license. If you want to learn more you can read our blog post here

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AC WORKS™ Wisdom
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  • Is a single plug adapter appropriate/safe for making adaption between three-to-four prong dryer plugs?

    Michael Johnson on

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